Satellite Internet

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Amazing Viasat satellite internet services

Similar to satellite TV, Viasat Internet is beamed directly to your home via a signal from our satellites in space. This is what makes Viasat Internet available just about anywhere (including internet in rural areas). There’s no need to worry about landlines or phone lines. Satellite internet is a fast, effective and excellent alternative to DSL and slower wireless services.

Who is Viasat for?

It’s for you if local internet carriers are unavailable or unreliable, or if you’ve been looking for a new choice for fast internet service that’s available where you live.

It’s for folks looking for a faster connection for video streaming, quicker file downloads, better performance from video chat and speedier email and webpage loading. 


Where is Viasat available?

Viasat is available everywhere. We’re in all 50 states, covering 98% of the U.S. population.

Harmer Communications is proud to make Viasat available in many areas where other internet companies only offer slower service or none at all.

Why is Viasat a better choice? 

 2-Year Price Lock Guarantee – We won’t hike your bill when you’re not looking, and we stand behind this commitment with our amazing guarantee.

It lets you do what you love online:

  • Zip around your favorite websites
  • Stream TV and movies with fewer interruptions
  • Download stuff way faster, like photos, software updates and more

Shipping and installation charges are extra; please contact us for complete details on plans and pricing.

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