Subscription based Push-to-talk radio system for small to large fleets.

We provide radio coverage on Maui, Oahu,
Lanai, Molokai, and Big Island

Harmer Communications is Maui’s leader in two-way communications, offering radio sales, repair, and design. We offer subscriber radio services, and we own and maintain the infrastructure, giving you the most advanced digital two-way radio system coverage for a low monthly cost per user. 

We can also design, build, and install your very own system to be used on your property or complex. These systems can run on grid power supply or solar and battery setups designed and installed by our technicians.

  • Multiple tower sites cover Maui and can communicate with Oahu, Molokai and Lanai from your radio with our inter-island link.
  • West Maui Zone is 2 sites based off our Lanai tower and a site located on the West Maui Mountains
  • No Infrastructure cost to you.  You no longer need your own repeaters, pay to maintain them, or keep up with the FCC licensing.
    We keep the system running, so all you have to worry about is… Push-To-Talks

HarmerNet is

  • Subscription Base Service
  • Great Customer Support
  • 3 year manufactueres Warranty
  • Repair Facility on Island with fast turnaround
  • Clear voice communications

A Great Solution for:

  • Trucking Companies
  • Taxi’s
  • Wast Disposal
  • Security
  • Hotels
  • Event and Concerts


  • Fleet Management
  • Farming
  • Construction Crews
  • Government Coordination
  • Emergency Management
  • Delivery Services

Our radio towers are built with the same procedure and backup technology as  public safety communications requirments, giving you the most dependable, clear and complete coverage in Hawaii.

Harmer-net Digital Island Wide coverage

Kenwood NX-3320 Digital radios connect up to our island-wide radio network to give you coverage across all major populated areas of Maui and are soon expanding to outer-island connectivity.

This is a great option for transportation, marathons, parades, job sites, etc.

Kenwood NX-3300 radios work great for local communication needs such as job sites, concerts, or events that don’t require island-wide coverage. These radios have a range of a few miles.

Click here and take a look at some instructions and basic operations.

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