Two Way Radios

Harmer Communications is known island-wide for offering reliable radio equipment and fast, friendly service. Harmer Communications offers Kenwood Radios, EFJohnson Radios, and rental radio systems.

If there is a certain radio that you do not see listed, Harmer Communications will gladly assist you in helping you find the right project for the job. Contact us today, because “We’ve got you covered!”



Base Stations

Why Two-Way Radio?

We get this question often, and the answers are really quite simple:

  • Cost Savings – Two-way radio is significantly cheaper than Cellular in both short-term and long-term plans.
  • Reliability – Our radios typically have longer lasting batteries, more reliable island-wide coverage, and need fewer replacements or repairs than other radio alternatives. Two-way radios are also more rugged than cellular phones and can work in the extreme conditions that you work in.
  • Local Service – In this day and age, being able to communicate directly, face-to-face, with the service provider is nearly unheard-of. Harmer Communications is one of the few companies left with genuine personable service and staff on Maui. Come in and see the difference!
  • No More Static! – Our digital 2-way radio system eliminates all static and increases your coverage area significantly. Clear powerful audio helps you communicate with your team and be more efficient.